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ceterum censeo Academiam Hebraicam delendam esse

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Today we made history, folks.
The first rover since 2012 landed safely on Mars. The biggest rover in history, carrying the first space-helicopter in history, making the most technically difficult landing in history.
Perseverance, I am waiting to see you achieving greatness.

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Stop making white people the main character in supernatural/fantasy shows. "My people have been protecting this land from evil-" bitch your people have //been// the evil fuck outta here

@tindall For me, it would be "all designers need to use a blurry grayscale monitor for a day (or month ideally)" along with "we need to have mouseless Mondays".

National "Sighted Devs Are Required To Use A Screen Reader" Day

Hilarious that even in their biased survey, people for.portland still found that 60% of people think the police have a negative impact on the city

[Radioactive by Imagine Dragons voice]

Interview outfit!
Interview outfit!

marginal eye contact in media

ceterum censeo Academiam Hebraicam delendam esse

@Pixley if your stadium isn't accessible by transit you fucked up. dude you fucked up so hard have you ever played sim city in your life? did a single planner review this? what the fuck

if the bar isn't accessible by means other than a car then you shouldn't have a bar there. operating heavy equipment on alcohol is a bad idea

Computing was supposed to make things faster and easier

Turns out it all needs to burn before we can think about hitting that goal again

@tindall and frankly, at this point? even a bar as low as "I want a computer which isn't trying to manipulate me for someone else's profit" makes us nervous about relying on purely proprietary machines

- 🎒💧

? trans [-phobia adj??] 

the date is december 2021. the sinister trans lobby has taken over the uk government. i can only think to myself, "jk rowling didn't die for this."

"A picture is worth a thousand words" but as an exhortation to write better image descriptions 🤔

Being trans and not having "always known" is freakin valid, damn it

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