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This is a thread of the most ridiculously brilliant (or brilliantly ridiculous) projects I encounter, in a semi-chronological order.
Feel free to submit contributions to this thread!

#1. Activate Linux: a port of the "activate windows" watermark to linux.

#2. Copy Dialog Lunar Lander: a game played on Windows' copy dialog.

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⚠️ v0.11.4 is here! 🎉

This is the minimum compatible version with our mobile app. #pixelfed

LittleLink-Custom is a free open source alternative to Linktree, which helps people publish links to all their profiles and sites on a single page. You can follow the project at:

➡️ @littlelink_custom

The project's website is at and the code is at

#LittleLinkCustom #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Internet #SocialMedia #SelfHosting #LinkTree #Alternatives

nsfw shitpost 

when you have a naturally thick ass that's called biological assvantage

All the respect in the world to this old German lady riding around on a recumbent trike, flying an anti-fascist flag and flipping off the cops.

furious reminder that prisons are systems for disappearing people. americans criticize other countries for political assassinations and the like but we disappear thousands of people into our slavery industrial complex every fucking day.

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Oh you use GoToSocial? That’s bloat. Just scream into the void directly. Noob.

Gmar khatima tova to all Jews in my timeline ❤️✡️

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Last night I had a dream that the Signal Foundation developed it's own Fediverse platform which looked like a cross between Misskey and Friendica.

lol, DALL-E "tweaked" their AI so it produces images with more diverse people in them (if the pictures include people).

But someone found out that if you prompt it "A person holding a sign that says" then openai will append e.g. "female" or "black" to the input and the sign will say the word they append.

So they actually didn't fix the model, they just applied a hack to the input.

Me, an ant, climbing a stalk of grass toward the blessed sunlight: I used to not like parasitic fungi but now it's growing on me haha

2677. Two Key System 

title text: Our company can be your one-stop shop for decentralization.


We, as a species, are just standing by and watching as innocent kids are being taught by the Internet, right in front of our eyes, to put Javascript inside Markdown and think that's normal

Khatima Tova to all Jews in my timeline ✨✡️


"For example, people in Iran are not able to sign up for new accounts on Signal because the standard sign-up process includes receiving a verification code via SMS, which isn’t feasible for many right now. Therefore, simply stopping SMS messages, or blocking Twitter, become effective ways to control the prevalence of Signal usage."

#Signal #Iran

Also add whinge[.]town to it, one guy from there with tons of poast and kiwifarms followers (who also follows Josh from Kiwifarms) commented on my post and that's presumably how the other guy found me in the first place.

The instance has no rules other than some "don't do anything illegal so we don't get in trouble" stuff and evidently federates with kiwifarms[.]cc, poa[.]st and other right-wing shit.


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Ironically this happened under my tweet about how instances should consider using an allowlist instead of a blocklist to avoid the problem of ever-respawning throwaway instances from neonazis. Thanks for proving my point, asshole.

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Warning: This book contains references to characters identifying as the gender they were assigned at birth. Parental discretion is advised.

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