trans-hating patent trolls (and links to help) 

Shop Enby, Black trans-owned sex toy shop, is being sued by some assholes who think they own the rights to the word “enby.”

Gofundme for legal costs:

Their store for shopping:

Public records supposedly say the company suing is Wildflower Sex (but I haven’t verified this or found a link).

People saying communism is contradictory to human nature and I'm like... Bitch human nature is dying from malaria the fuck are you talking about

@shonalika i was once in a situation where i was asked for photo ID to pick up a parcel which contained my only photo ID

access to ID is actually a huge barrier to class mobility, in the same way as being homeless and not being able to get proof of address. and of course it affects trans people uniquely too.


Fucking nerds (although to be honest, I would have done the same)

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Q1: universe
Q2: Earth
Q3: life
Q4: death
Q5: human
Q8: Happiness
Q13: triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13)
Q23: George Washington (resigned as commander-in-chief on 23 December)
Q24: Jack Bauer (character from 24)
Q42: Douglas Adams
Q80: Tim Berners-Lee (Programmer who starting 1980 developed the World Wide Web)
Q666: Number of the Beast
Q1337: leet
Q1868: Paul Otlet (made the first precursor to Wikipedia; born 1868)
Q1971: Imagine (written 1971)
Q2012: Mayan Calendarium
Q2013: Wikidata

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So, the Wikimedia Foundation has a project called Wikidata, which links every notable "thing" that exists of with every other "thing" in a huge, interconnected web.

When it was born, on 29 October 2012, several items were imported from the beta version. Exactly 18 of them were imported by a local admin on the servers themselves, and each of them got a reserved Q number (the number every item has that helps with classification and organisation).

The 18 items and their Q numbers are as follows:

Hank Green once said that we all need a pointless hill to die on and mine is that the order of operations is just a slightly useful and edgecase-ambiguous shorthand and absolutely not any sort of mathematical truth

(There's even a paper about this very topic btw, it's a short read:
(Also sorry for spamming about this it just really bothers me when people insist one way or another is right)

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Or to quote MinutePhysics from the video listed below, the real order of operations is:
1. Evaluate parentases first
2. Learn maths
3. Freedom

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Kay so the answer is definitely C because Order of Operations is nothing but a general convention and a shorthand. It is not a mathematical reality of any sort, but rather something we agreed among ourselves to make life easier.

However, conventions aren't truths. They aren't even globally uniform. PEMDAS changes between places and between times.

Also, you'll never encounter 6÷2(1+2) without context in the wild. You will always have additional context that will make the answer unambiguous.

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Okay posting it here too because the fbook people are annoying.
6÷2(1+2) is...

(My long answer in the replies)

I fucking wish a bloodless communist revolution was as easy to achieve as it is in Hearts of Iron

the idea that there is a neat division where politics, not in the specific electoral sense but in the broader meaning, ends, and that polite folks should not speak of it but instead leave it to the political class we have assigned it to, is antidemocratic and frankly white supremacist in its effect

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This absolutely sounds like shitpost, but one of the best albums I have ever listened to is nothing but 3 and a half hours of the note D.
(Randy Gibson's "The Four Pillars Appearing from the Equal D under Resonating Apparitions of The Eternal Process in The Midwinter Starfield".
In case you wondered.)

What do my Mastodon and Discord presences have in common?
In both I say "I should use that platform more" about four times a week and then never log in.

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