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ceterum censeo Academiam Hebraicam delendam esse

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Today we made history, folks.
The first rover since 2012 landed safely on Mars. The biggest rover in history, carrying the first space-helicopter in history, making the most technically difficult landing in history.
Perseverance, I am waiting to see you achieving greatness.

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fun fact: you can just block anyone who unironically says "imagine using [thing u just mentioned]". it's allowed
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LTE stands for let’s take estrogen

"I have a trans fetish" is like the worst possible pickup line you could say to a trans person

*cleans itself thoroughly* :Pc
am clean kitn! ✨

password manager pvp. fight for control of your password

@forever the conductor is NOT safe. you may think they are but the cello players want to beat their ass

what some call "fediverse".... is actually a bunch of gay animals speaking shitposts to each other

Honestly, open source companies being stock-traded is weird. It feels like at that point, the commercialisation of open source swapped from being a way for open source devs to sustain a living to having open source as a "talent acquisiton" tool while sharedholders make money

theres no warning on that u will get a new gender and then fall in love 20 times this is so unfair

#fediblock, pedophilia, pls boost 

#fediblock given the admin literally boosts pedo/lolita (child porn) and admits to it.

Yes, this is my 2nd time posting this due to a typo in the domain name.

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