jan pi o,
how would y'all translate stuff from the Mastodon interface?
I'm currently thinking:
mentions=tawa sina? sina o?
Local Timeline=linja tenpo pi ma ni (maybe just ma ni)
Federated Timeline=linja tenpo pi ma suli? Maybe? Could also be ma Pediwesi instead
profile=lipu jan
DM=toki tawa? toki wan? toki pi open ala?
bookmarks=lipu suli/just lipu
list=I'll get back to sina with that one

( just in case)

Okay so, we're actually petitioning to have added to Mastodon's page. I'll be more than happy if y'all supported it and, once the option was added, translated.

@Yuvalne i'm thinking like:

favourite could be also just 'pona'

dm = 'toki poki' :D

federated timeline = 'lipu pi ilo toki ante'?

@la_ninpre "jan [nimi] li pona e toki sina" sounds more like "corrected your toot" than "favourited your toot", so probably not


Boost might also be 'pana' as you're giving or putting someone else's post out there.

I like the idea of 'olin' as a favorite button. More ui's should have a way to click 'respect'.

Timelines could also be represented with 'nasin pi...' , as they are paths to different things.

Toot: 'kalama'. Most of us are just making noise, and that leaves 'toki' available for the reply button, where an actual conversation happens.

pali sina ni li pona tawa mi!

@RussSharek funnily enough, you're not the first one to suggest nimi pana for boost. I think I still prefer nimi wawa, for the same reason boost is called boost in the first place.
Interestingly enough, boost is called "echo" in the Hebrew instance So in that case, kalama would be used for boost instead!

@RussSharek @Yuvalne I guess you could also translate toot as "mu" and search as "lukin"
mi pilin e ni: nimi "toki wan" en nimi "ma ni" en nimi "ma suli" li pona. Never used lists here. ilo "list" li seme?

@jkbr @RussSharek "mu" for toot will be very funny indeed. and I've seen "search" both as lukin and as alasa, so I guess it's a matter of preference.
ilo List allows you to divide the people you follow into sub-feeds. When one opens the list, they see only toots from the user's they put in that list.

@Yuvalne @RussSharek ilo List li sama e kulupu. ken la, you can use linja tenpo kulupu

@jkbr @RussSharek lon, mi kama sona e pali pi ilo Lists la mi pilin e ni: ilo Lists la nimi kulupu anu linja tenpo kulupu li pona a

@Mossy ken la, taso mi pilin a ni: ilo Lists pi ilo Masoton li sama ilo Lists pi ilo Tuwite la, nimi kulupu li pona ete.

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