Something I hadn't realised now that I'm logged out of Twitter is that on mobile Twitter has become a closed system. If you get a link to a tweet and scroll for just a bit, you get a message requiring you to create account/log in to see more.

They're going the FB route: unusable unless logged in.

This behavior started about 10 months ago. The previous default was that Twitter was open to read for everyone. Can't believe I had missed this. Makes leaving even more of a no-brainer.

Good to think about if you share links to tweets: Lots of people can't see them more than a brief while.

Tweets are no longer open to view for anyone on mobile. To view without restrictions people need an account and to be logged in.


Reddit, Facebook, Twitter. All requiring you to sign in to view most if not all public content. Facebook even does this on desktop.
This troubles me not just as someone who wants to view shared content without signing up, but also as a Wikipedia editor. This will make a lot of social media citations useless.

@Yuvalne @axbom furthermore it severely limits possibilities of an open documentation of modern public discourse. We risk loosing access to the historical proceedings of our time.

@Yuvalne @axbom
There are actually Swedish public sector institutions that refer to "You find that information on Facebook"(!)

@sintrenton @Yuvalne @axbom Twitter does this on desktop as well. I use Mastodon on the browser and all Twityter links now require a log in once you scroll down about 20 tweets or so.

I no longer follow twitter links and it kinda bugs me that people share them so much on here.

@Yuvalne @axbom I agree, this is a serious issue for the open internet. Instagram was among the first to do this, and today you can basically only see the first part of the feed, but not specific posts, unless you're logged in.

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