I honestly hate that we as a society decided the short name for and will be "crypto", rather than the much more appropriate word: "scams"

oh heck, this one has gone big.
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@Yuvalne @ben_hr I know I'm being That Guy but I distinctly remember when this happened, and "we as a society" didn't decide anything.

What happened is that the scammers flooded the public realm with bullshit calling it 'crypto' whilst cryptographers screamed impotently at them that there was already something called "crypto" and it wasn't pretend money.

Me too,
especially because I think cryptography is something good and useful and usually shortened "crypto" and nowadays the word is tainted somehow.

non-serious joke i'd rather the alternyative nyame for cryptoassets,

non-serious joke my ass has depreciated in value to a devastating amount!

non-serious joke 

@Stoori @christinya @Yuvalne @potzerus ponzi scheme.

Tho #Monero is the least cringe & offending due to the part that it can't be used for #NFT's ("#NastyFuckingThings" - Sterling et. al.) and is the most serious offer of making an actually useable currency incomparison to #Bitcoin & #Etherium...

non-serious joke i do not wan't my ass immutable and publically visible and destroying the planet for no good reason thank you very much

non-serious joke Let's send me over of your ass so I can store it in my wallet.

Maybe we should use my ass for some NFTs? i keep using the word crypto for what it is really meant: cryptography

@Yuvalne I love the smell of cryptographically-verified, decentralized pyramid schemes in the morning.
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