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fediblock: masochi dot st; sementerrori dot st 

feels good Acquiring books that would otherwise cost me £100 apiece lmao imagine

so I'm hearing that MAS won Bolivia's general election so I'm wondering when Cornwall (newly discovered source of lithium) is gonna be colonised

genuinely have been awake an hour and a half and I'm so fucking tired already, really wish this one bit of drama after another would slow down a fucking bit lmao 🎉

i am genuinely sorry to anyone who's had to deal with that edge and the horror of goyim deciding that it's appropriate to take the piss in that way to begin with let alone around this time

fuck that, shanah tovah, antisemites and edgelords get the boot

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i do wanna apologise for being asleep while That happened in comradeposting but what the fuck is wrong with people lmao

steadily growing, folks! get the 433verse in here and let's share memes and take down capitalism together yeah

i'm fucking hype folks i've just joined up a hawaiian language school

didn't go out today and expect to see and interact with actual mf parakeets but hey

u ever just say fuck it and make french toast from custard buns lmao

starting to get reeeeeeeeeeeeeal sick of trying to get around some parts of this fucking city that are just full to the brim with p*lice vans and shit lmao

more importantly, given how mastodon works, you can adjust the privacy of toots so that they aren't visible to the fediverse

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you can fave, boost and reply to toots just as you do on twitter

you can attach media, run polls, and create posts with a readmore, which also allow you to put a CW as a header!

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so yea this is basically 433 twitter and we mod it completely!

you can follow people from other instances, you're not just limited to this one, but you gotta create accounts for each other instance you wanna interact on directly

in the interest of privacy also, none of the media you upload here is remotely saved, so *please have backups of everything you put up here!*


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