@rysiek @Yuvalne well, instead of going to the moon, the US are going to the courts. That's so cliché. 🤣

@Yuvalne yeah... I feel like they're talking about the potential for Kessler syndrome created by the "build it fast and fix it <strike>later</strike> never" crowd.

There are people who should be involved in space, and there are people who's involvement puts the future of space exploration at risk for hundreds or thousands of years to come. Billionaires are always in the second category.

@Yuvalne i mean that is what corporations are legally obligated to do
@Yuvalne To be fair, NASA has been consistently stripped of public funding while having to work with private companies like SpaceX or Blue Origin for their regular missions, I don't think it's a new discovery and they deserve to be salty about it.

NASA was directed by the nazi W. von Braun for decades 🤮
Nazism is the imperialist face of Capitalism.

@GazouilleurFou Just to be more accurate: he wasn't NASA director, but a rocket developer, mostly for the Apollo program.
But yes, the US pardoned a Nazi and put them at NASA.

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